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SIDE – Socially Inspired to Define Elegance – is born from the rational and irrational understanding that humans possess when choosing or making decisions in their lives. This is what, from our birth, defines us as people because day after day without realizing it we are forming our future.

Urban art is the way in which society has been expressed since the creation of the universe or the appearance of the first human. All this evidenced in the cave paintings used by cavemen to express their daily routine, centuries later on Egyptian figures until they reached the graffiti today. This is how SIDE defines and seeks to integrate not only in urban society but with the world at large and, in turn, to be the piece of expression that oneself feels like yours and recognizes as part of its history.

SIDE is an urban clothing brand aimed at men and women, made in Peru and destined to the world. The garments offered by the brand are of a high-level textile material, as well as the manufacture, fit and designs developed by a team fully dedicated to the growth and expansion of the brand.